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28 Exuberant Logo Facts to Know in 2022 and Beyond

A modern brand building wouldn’t survive without graphic and logo design. According to the latest logo facts, consumers will avoid the brand if it has an unattractive logo.

A logo is there to grab attention, convey the message, and turn a new customer into a brand representative. It’s the foundation of the brand’s identity, and it separates an organization from competitors.

Additionally, it can be used across all marketing channels and tell a story about your products and services.

Logo Facts and Numbers (Editor’s Choice)

  • It takes about 30 sketches for the final logo design.

  • A total of 42% of consumers believe a logo is crucial for the company’s personality.

  • About 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo.

  • Additionally, 60% of people avoid brands with strange or unattractive logos.

  • Over 90% of the global population recognize the Coca-Cola logo.

  • The estimated market size of logo design services in the US is $3 billion.

  • About 67% of small businesses are willing to pay up to $500 for a logo.

  • The average annual salary of a logo designer in 2021 in the US is $60,669.

General Logo Statistics

Creating a concrete brand identity is almost impossible without a logo. The little image on a website is far more than just a shape packed with colors and fonts. Most of the first impressions depend on the design, and a logo is there to captivate customers.

1. Approximately 94% of first impressions are related to design.


First impressions are crucial for any business. This is why companies invest in web design and attractive logos. This is especially important to know since 94% of people claim that design is the key to leaving a first impression. This goes for websites and logo interpretation alike.

2. It takes 10+ months for a business logo to be trademarked.


One might think that as soon as the logo is designed, the job is done. However, logo statistics show there’s more work to do. For example, a business owner should submit a logo trademark application that might take about 10 months to become effective.

3. It also takes about 30 sketches for the final logo design.


Still, before the final logo is submitted for trademark, it should be designed with care. This is why designers might make up to 30 sketches before the final product is finished, according to logo design facts.

4. About 2 seconds are enough to grab the attention of the customer, and a good logo helps.

(Tailor Brands)

Once a potential customer sees the website for the first time, they’ll take about 2 seconds to consider whether they like the brand or not. This is where a great logo comes in handy. The logo can quickly communicate the message and company’s core values, and win over the customer's short attention span.

5. A total of 42% of consumers believe a logo is crucial for the company’s personality.


The importance of the logo isn’t limited only to business owners. Customers also believe that logos are crucial for the company’s personality. A total of 42% of consumers say that logos effectively convey the organization’s message, and 50% are likely to patronize a brand with a logo they recognize.

6. About 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo.


Regarding recognition, 75% of people remember a brand by its logo. For comparison, statistics about logos show that 60% of consumers recognize a brand based on its visual style, 45% by the brand’s signature color, and only 25% by the brand’s voice.

7. People spend about 6.4 seconds focused on a logo once they land on a website.


When people visit a website, they’ll spend about 6.48 seconds observing the logo. After that, they’ll spend 5.95 seconds looking around, according to branding statistics

8. Additionally, 60% of people avoid brands with strange or unattractive logos, regardless of the positive reviews.


On the other hand, if a logo is unattractive, 60% of people will avoid the brand altogether. They won’t even care about any positive reviews at all.

Logos and Their Visual Elements

With logos, it’s all about the fonts, colors, and types of design. The right color can evoke a particular emotion, and simple fonts can make a logo memorable. Luckily, there are enough combinations to choose from to create the ultimate logo design for your organization.

9. There’s an 80% increase in brand recognition with the use of a colored logo design.


Based on logo stats, the use of a colored logo design increased brand recognition by 80%. Color plays a significant part in people’s lives and can evoke certain emotions. If used correctly on a logo, it can boost brand awareness.

10. A total of 33% of the top 100 brands use the color blue in their logos.


When it comes to color, 33% of the top 100 global brands use blue. Blue is described as peaceful and secure. People often view blue as a sign of stability and reliability.

11. Additionally, 73% of companies use Sans Serif font in their logos.


Logo design statistics show that besides the brand-specific color, 73% of companies use Sans Serif font for their logos. This includes Panasonic, Toyota, JCPenny, Subway, and others. Helvetica is also widely used.

12. There are 7 types of logo designs out there.


At the moment, the designers recognize a total of 7 types of logos. These are abstract, mascot, combination mark, emblem, lettermark, pictorial mark, and wordmark. Facts about logo show that these are used differently, depending on the organization and brand.

13. Additionally, there are 5 characteristics of a logo.

(Tailor Brands)

Regardless of the type of the logo, all logos should have these 5 characteristics: they should be simple, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile. These 5 features make a logo identifiable and help increase brand awareness.

Interesting Facts About Logos

Logos often hide secrets and interesting information that many aren’t aware of. This is especially true for some of the globally recognized logos, like Amazon or Target. These are some of the fascinating facts to keep in mind when deciding on a logo.

14. The Apple logo is among the top 5 most recognizable logos in the world.


Many logos are instantly recognizable around the world. Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Google have the most famous logos and are the top 5 most valued brands globally.

15. Over 90% of the global population recognize the Coca-Cola logo.


When it comes to simple yet powerful logos, Coca-Cola wins the game. A total of 90% of people recognize it worldwide. What’s more, it was created in 1886 and cost $0 to make. The use of red signifies passion, power, love, and energy - all the emotions Coca-Cola claims to bring.

16. Children aged 8 can already match the logo with the right brand.

(4OVER4 SuperAwesome)

Brand logo facts show that even kids can match the brand with the logo, starting from 8 years of age. However, some studies claim that children as young as 3 can also memorize logos, create brand awareness, and develop an opinion about a brand.

17. Stella Artois has the world’s oldest logo.

(Geek Designs)

Some logos are simply made to last. At least when it comes to big brand logos. For example, Stella Artois has the world’s oldest logo. It was created in 1366, when the company was known as Brouwerji Artois. While the company’s name changed to what people know today, its logo remained the same.

18. When it comes to price, Twitter has the cheapest logo.

(Geek Designs)

Another fun fact about logos of social media platforms - Twitter has the cheapest logo out there. The original logo cost only $15 and was bought on iStock from a designer Simon Oxley. One of the most recognizable logos even has a name - Larry Bird.

19. On the other hand, Symantec has the most expensive logo.

(Zenith Clipping)

On the other end of the spectrum is Symantec, today known as Norton. This famous software company paid an astonishing $1.28 billion for its logo. While looking simple, the checkmark signifies a successful activity, while the yellow color in a circle implies durability and protection.

20. Unilever actually has a total of 24 mini logos combined.

(Geek Designs)

However, not all logos are as simple as Norton’s. Facts about logo show that the Unilever logo consists of 24 mini logos combined. Since this company has a portfolio of other businesses, it combines multiple images inside its famous U logo.

21. About 60% of famous logos are combination marks.


Besides Unilever’s interesting combination of images, a total of 60% of famous logos are made off of two or more types of logos. This is how some organizations ended up with a wordmark and a monogram or a picture and an abstract type, according to facts behind logos. Some examples include Burger King, Target, Amazon, and others.

22. Nike’s logo designer took 17.5 hours to come up with its swoosh logo.


Nike's famous swoosh sign might look like it took a minute to create. However, the truth is, it took about 17.5 hours. The first few designs were actually rejected, and the designer Carolyn Davidson eventually charged only for the 17.5 hours she took to make the sign.

Logo Design Market

The global graphic design market was worth more than $45 billion in 2021, and logo design plays a big part. Working in the logo design industry is great. However, the future might bring more competition.

23. Globally, the graphic design market was worth $45.8 billion in 2021.


As of 2021, the total global graphic design industry is worth $45.8 billion. In the US, the total market is worth about $12.7 billion. The graphic design market also grew by 4.1% in 2021, and branding made up around $3 billion of the total industry.

24. The estimated market size of logo design services in the US is $3 billion.


Logo design industry data shows that the estimated market size of logo design in the US is around $3 billion. This number means that logo design services are steadily growing as a business.

25. About 67% of small businesses are willing to pay up to $500 for a logo.


What’s more, a total of 67% of small businesses will pay about $500 for a logo. Another 18% would pay up to $1,000. Still, the starting price for a logo design is somewhere around $200.

26. A great logo design costs from $300 to $1,300.


However, if businesses want a great logo, they’ll likely have to pay the average cost of logo design, which is somewhere from $300 to $1,300. The logo design prices vary based on who created the design and the overall quality of the logo. The logo design agency might even charge more than $2,500.

27. The average annual salary of a logo designer in 2021 in the US is $60,669.


Based on the latest data, the average annual salary of a logo designer in the US is around $60,669. Logo design trends show that most of logo designers are earning from $31,500 to $87,500 and that there’s enough space for advancements in the field.

28. By 2024, logo designers might face strong competition in their field.


Still, in the future, the logo design market might become highly competitive. By 2024, designers might have a hard time finding clients since many new people will enter the market.


If you went through these logo facts, you know that your logo is the first thing your audience will look for when they see you on social media or visit your online store.

This is why a logo is crucial in building brand awareness for your business. If, by any chance, you still don’t have a logo, you should definitely consider hiring a logo designer to make one specifically for your company.

Don’t forget - you have only a few seconds to keep your next customer, and a powerful logo can help you do it.


What are 5 characteristics of a logo?

A logo is a crucial aspect of any brand. However, designing a logo isn’t as simple as one may think. The logo should truly represent a business, and to do it successfully, it needs to have certain features.

Whether it’s a simple or a complex design, all logos share these five major characteristics. They are simple, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile. These five features make a logo immediately recognizable and improve brand awareness.

Why is a logo so important?

The primary reason a logo is so important is related to the identification. A suitable logo that matches the brand helps existing customers recall the organization. Additionally, it helps new customers select one business over another.

In a way, the logo acts as the “frontman” of the organization. It’s present on a website, ads, social media, and products. It speaks for the company and is often more effective than just a brand name.

Do logos attract customers?

In general, logos should be designed in a way that they attract targeted customers. The logo speaks for the brand and helps with improving brand identity among consumers. Additionally, the logo is there to help people become repeat customers and spread the word about the business.

Still, some logos can repel people, regardless of the positive reviews of the products or services. So much so that 60% of customers will avoid organizations and businesses that have poorly designed logos.

What makes a good brand logo?

Designing the right logo can be challenging. A good logo is distinctive, practical, simple in form, and fits the organization’s message and voice. The good logo communicates the right message clearly.

On the technical side, well-designed logos are often vectors, meaning they can be printed in any size and object. Overall, the excellent logo has a great concept and good execution. Finally, it should meet the client’s needs.

How much business spend on logos?

How much businesses will spend on a logo depends on the business’ needs and revenue. Logo prices range from $300 to $1,300 for a high-quality logo. However, some companies opt-in for a cheaper variant that they order on freelance platforms. These logos can cost as low as $5, but their quality might not be the best.

On the other hand, some organizations paid billions for their logos. For example, the most expensive logo belongs to Symantec, which paid $1,280,000,000. Still, 67% of small businesses are willing to pay up to $500 for a logo, according to logo facts.



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