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Who We Are

Dedicated Team Driven by
Purpose & Passion 

We are family owned Branding & Web design studio founded by husband and wife from Serbia, based in Houston, Texas.

We are Jovana and Lazar, founders of the JOLA Branding. We implemented design as a big part of our lives over the years and now we are proud to say that we are living the ultimate designer's life!

JOLA is a group of designers, marketers and developers creating a space where anyone from our team can freely express their ideas, passions and visions.


We LOVE design so much that we want to share our experience and abilities with you and so we can grow together and take your business to the next level.


Our mission is to personally be involved in your story, work with you hands-on on every single part of your journey to provide the best results possible. Design matters, marketing matters, branding matters - you just need someone to lead you and show you how to get the most out of it.


If you like what you hear, get in touch - we are the ones to show you how it's DONE!

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