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We are family owned Branding & Web design studio that helps startups and established companies achieve their goals and solve their problems by creating design and marketing solutions.


Building connections between
Brands and People

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Featured Project

Story of Akademska Rakija  is written by two friends who wanted to save their heritage. They use their family’s traditional recipe to create premium quality brandy.​


Main role of JOLA Branding was to build logo and whole branding around it, design marketing materials and packaging.

Akademska Rakija

Branding & Web Design

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Who Can Work With Us

What Type of Business Can Profit From Our Services?

New Companies

Do you need help with building your brand when you're just getting started?

Expanding Companies

Is your company in need of a visual refresh so that you can get more clients and projects?

Established Companies

Are you a well-known company that has been on the market for a while and you need an upgrade to keep up with the trends and stay relevant?


What We Do

Services and Mission

To be honest, clearly understanding our Services can be a challenge... so here are two questions all of you would (probably) ask:


Do we help you develop a brand story (including the logo, colors, typography, and other goodies)?

Brand Design



Do we offer services to help you develop your website (design it, make it fast, and make it user-friendly) ?

Web Design


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Our Process

The Way We Work

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Test & Develop

Learning more about clients

Constructing a point of view based on clients' needs and insight

Brainstorming possible solutions and suggestions

Building a design representation of suggested solutions

Testing the prototypes approved by the client and searching for the feedback from users while developing a code


What People Say



JOLA Branding helped me transform the look of my corporate identity, modernized it and made it more aligned to my targeted clientele. These updates helped me increase time spent on website and gain more clients. I'd recommend JOLA to anyone who wants a professional and modern upgrade for their brand.

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Extremely responsive, polite, and so easy to work with! They had great professional ideas, and we ended up with a fantastic logo that I couldn’t be happier with, highly recommended!


Thank you for everything and I'm looking forward to working with you soon again!



Given a free rein on the developing both the physical and digital assets necessary, their work surpassed the expectations of all involved. Their contribution was critical to the success of the event, as well as being a real pleasure. I wouldn't hesitate in working with them again or recommending them.

Jonathan Solo

Managing Partner, WAG

Ciaran O'Herlihy
Martina Tolis

Founder, Aelea Organics

Product Partnerships, Google

Trusted By

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